Know us

We started the Ibero-American Association of night industries on November 22, 2023 in Colombia at the congress specialized in the night economy and the entertainment industry, EXPOBAR 2023 in Bogotá. With the aim of promoting safe, inclusive, innovative and commercial nightlife relevant to each region.

The concept of our brand

Nightlife Iberoamérica and its graphic brand refer to what is undoubtedly present in every nighttime environment, the lights and the show. The Ibero-American association of night industries adapts to modernity with an extended san serif typography that provides solidity and strength to the name to encompass reliable, weighty and stable contexts that; accompanied by the lights of the night they contemplate the night industries.

Ibero-America is the linguistic group designated to designate a territorial group composed mostly of 20 countries in America, in addition to Spain and Portugal, the above is reflected in the number of light trails of its symbol.

Graphic concept created by: Alejandro Quirola (El Dark)

Our mission

Exchange of good practices: The different Ibero-American regions (22 countries including Spain and Portugal with Latin America) have different approaches in terms of regulations, security, promotion and management of nightlife and industries that operate at night. Nightlife Iberoamérica will facilitate the exchange of successful experiences and lessons learned among members, benefiting all parties, sectors and actors.

Collective representation:

Nightlife Iberoamérica will provide a unified voice to advocate for the interests of the nightlife and related industries before governments, local authorities and other relevant and multi-sector entities. This work will focus its objectives especially on areas such as regulation, security and economic support for cultural, musical and commercial industries that operate at night.

Collaboration on common topics:

The challenges faced by the nightlife industry and the entire economic spectrum that operates between 6 pm and 6 am, such as safety, unfair competition, excessive regulation, public perception and changes in legislation, are similar in different Ibero-American countries. Nightlife Iberoamérica will facilitate collaboration between members to jointly address these problems and develop effective solutions with valid interlocutors.

Networking and business opportunities:

Nightlife Iberoamérica will provide a platform for nightlife professionals in the countries it covers to connect, share ideas and establish business relationships. This will lead to business collaborations, talent exchange and development of new markets and projects.

Promotion of quality and safety standards:

Our Association, in alliance with the National Associations that comprise it or with which there are associative or collaborative relationships, will establish quality, service and safety standards for the nightlife industry in the Ibero-American region, which will benefit both consumers, to the areas of influence, to businesses and to tourist destinations. This will include guidelines for risk prevention, staff training, protection of users, especially women and vulnerable groups, and sustainable practices, among many other actions that we will develop.

Our vision

Our joint work will be aimed at promoting a safe, inclusive and sustainable environment for the nighttime industries in the member countries, where cultural diversity, the meaning of their operation, the dignity of their work and innovation are valued and the comprehensive development of the night entertainment industry in the region.

Some key elements that form part of this vision include:

Safety and well-being:

We will prioritize the safety of attendees, guaranteeing safe and risk-free environments to enjoy nightlife and related activities responsibly. This involves working closely with local authorities and product and service providers to implement effective incident control and prevention measures.

Collaboration and networking:

We will encourage collaboration between the different actors in the nightlife industry and nighttime industries in general, including venue owners, event promoters, artists, local authorities, transportation, authorities, security and civil organizations. This will facilitate the exchange of best practices, the creation of strategic alliances and the development of joint initiatives to address common challenges.

Diversity and inclusion:

We will foster an inclusive and diverse environment in nightlife establishments, promoting equal access and the celebration of cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity. This will include initiatives such as diversity and awareness training, as well as inclusive policies in hiring and personnel management.

Sustainable development:

We are committed to sustainable business practices that minimize environmental impact and promote corporate social responsibility is one of the objectives. This will involve the adoption of measures to reduce the consumption of natural resources, adequate waste management, use of clean technologies, less noise pollution, promotion of responsible tourism, fight against sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents and support to community initiatives and local development projects.

Innovation and quality:

We will promote innovation in the nighttime entertainment offer, promoting creativity and excellence in event programming, conceptual development, live or direct music, artistic expressions, gastronomic offer, space design and the experience of the customer. This will include support for emerging entrepreneurs and artists, as well as the adoption of advanced technologies to improve management and user experience together with public and private actors where appropriate.

Founders Members

Experts and professionals in areas such as the business management of night sector businesses, their legal defense and representation in multiple spaces and scenarios around the world; the mobility, migration and hiring of talent in Ibero-American countries and the specialized training and selection in the broad gastroentertainment sector come together to found the associative foundations of Nightlife Iberoamérica to articulate, promote and strengthen the multiplicity of actors present in the Nightlife Industry with presence in the 22 countries of the region.

David Basilio Gómez

Hosteleo CEO

Viviana García

Director GR Migration Advisors

Marianela Olivares

General Director Linkers

Camilo Ospina Guzmán

President Asobares Colombia

Signing Associations, Ambassadors and Sector Leaders

Rodolfo Di'pinto

President of the Federación de Entidades de Discotecas de la República Argentina

Helking Aguilar


Jorge Plata

President and Legal Representative of ASODJ Colombia

Jonathan Mejias

Director JMCOCKTAILS, LLC Venezuela

Diego Olmedilla


Carlos Landa

President of the Asociación de Negocios de Entretenimiento Nocturno A.C. México

Camilo Ospina Guzmán

President Asobares Colombia

Eduardo Montoya

Executive Director Asobares Colombia