Expobar 2023 by Asobares

+4100 attendees 2 days of November in Bogotá, 95 national and international speakers, 11 continuous training and certified workshops; 24 live music performances, 66 sponsors and allies, 15 invited ventures and 14 regions represented are some data that express the power of the best edition of EXPOBAR so far, THE POWER OF THE NIGHT at Theatrón.

Also there, we held the 1st Ibero-American Congress where the countries, associations and signatory leaders gathered for the creation and birth of NIGHTLIFE IBEROAMÉRICA with its SESSION VOLUME 0, the origin!
Ongoing projects

Nightlife Iberoamérica Sessions 0

The conversations, the topics of debate, the protagonists of the public or private scene will debate the challenges and opportunities of the night sector, and will have an appointment at the NIGHTLIFE SESSIONS that we will have in spaces where the night economy is promoted.


We provide professional advice to both the public sector and private companies on regulations, licenses, 24-hour city management, Night Governance and creation of a tourism producer specialized in the night. We co-create content for the development of events and strategies that strengthen cities, sectors and night industry transversally and develop the sustainability and permanence of businesses, brands and companies of the 24-hour ecosystem, both locally and in their internationalization with the help of our network of affiliates and allies in Latin America.

Advice and consulting
Training and professional development

We form work teams at the management level as well as at the operational level, raising their levels of service, commitment, suitability and quality. The generation of workshops, seminars and training courses including success stories on topics relevant to the nightlife industry, such as risk management, customer service, security, first responders, administrative management and digitalization, are part of our path.

We carry out market studies, economic and labor impact, tourism observatories, sectoral diagnoses that structure and generate data for correct decision-making at both the government and business levels; Together with the Associations and Leaders that make up our Ibero-American network, we make it possible

Research and statistics
Advocacy and defense of interests

We are part of a global network that promotes and represents the interests, opportunities, challenges and benefits of the nightlife and related industries to local authorities, regulators and other interested parties. We share “best practices” that lead to effective implementation in the territories.